Free Children Hospital and Surgical Insurance in Singapore

family-picFree children comprehensive medical insurance in Singapore? Yes!!! Call me if you need one now!

Many people in Singapore are unaware that our children can have free hospitalisation insurance up to age 20.


The criteria for this is as follows:

  • Singaporeans and Singapore PRs
  • Both parents must buy either Plan 1 or Plan 2 of the medical insurance plan.
  • One parent can be in Plan 1 and the other parent can be in Plan 2
  • Child/children must be below age 20
  • Only the Rider that pays for the 10% co-insurance and its related benefits is free
  • Covers up to 4 children for free

This free hospitalisation plan will cover expenses incurred in a Singapore Restructured Hospital up to Class A Ward. A quick summary of the benefits:

  • $400,000 annual limit on claims
  • Unlimited Lifetime limit
  • “As Charged” hospital and related services
  • “As Charged” Outpatient Catastrophic treatments
  • Extra Inpatient coverage for major illnesses ( refer to their contract for full details)
  • Annual deductible applies for different ward stays.

If you know anyone who needs free hospitalisation and surgical insurance please contact me at 90011082 as soon as possible. I will make sure all the children are covered for free.


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