Holiday Savings Plan

Boeing 747 Aircraft Taking OffMany people wish for things to happen including you and me. A very common wish for many Singaporeans is to be able to travel overseas at least once a year. Some people travel 4 times a year for holidays to destress! Do you wish you could travel overseas 4 times a year?

Instead of just wishing for it to happen, why not make it happen? Yes, why not? If you planned for it to happen, it will. But…what about the cost of the trips?

Yes, we can make it happen because now we have insurance savings plan that has annual returns of at least 3% p.a. and it starts paying you an annual sum of money every year from the end of the second year onwards for as long as you plan.  10, 15, 20 or 25 years you decide how long you want to keep travelling. Is it possible? Yes, of course! Once you decide to save $10,000 per year for your annual overseas trips for example, you will have to set aside a month;y savings plan to make that happen.

3% p.a. may be too low for you, so how about 6% or 9% p.a., yes there is another alternative. That’s the dividend paying Unit Trust funds that pays you regularly on a monthly basis. There’s more risk but definitely there’s more to gain than just your bank savings account. No risk, no higher returns.

Make your dream holidays happen. Start a savings plan that pays you almost immediately. You will be amazed how good life can be when you start saving money for a good purpose.

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