Down Syndrome People Can Be Insured

Many Singaporeans thought and believe that anyone with Down Syndrome cannot buy medical insurance with covers hospitalisation expenses. Even insurance agents are also unaware that it is possible  to insure them.

Below is a testimony from one of my clients who has a child with DS and has successfully claimed the medical expenses incurred at KK Hospital including the Pre and Post hospital bills.


Here is their testimony:

After our daughter was born, we wanted to provide the best for her. Knowing her condition, we were prepared that she will easily fall sick.

Back then, based on our findings from roadshows to many calls to insurance companies and our search through online, there was no medical coverage for our daughter. Until we stumble upon Kairos Advisor and got to know Stephen.

We were quite skeptical when he said that there was coverage for my daughter who had Down Syndrome. We met and spoke and our questions were answered.

Our first encounter was when our daughter was down with severe dehydration due to diarrhoea. She was admitted for 3 days in the Hospital. With the coverage we had for our daughter, we did not need to put any deposit for the admission. It was all covered for under the plan we took up for her.

We are truly grateful with Stephen’s resoursefulness and competency towards medical insurance. We are indeed lucky to find a advisor who truly emphatise with our situation.

Nur Aizah & Zulkifli and
our daughter Nur Alisha

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