A New Savings Plan That Pays YOU For Life!

singapore-flagAn insurance company in Singapore has launched a very unique savings plan that pays you a LIFETIME of Yearly Cash Payout starting from the end of Year 5 onwards.

The earlier you start this plan, the longer you can receive this annual cash payout. Isn’t this great?

What’s your commitment?

Only 10 years of savings! Wow… I believe this plan sits well with people who doesn’t want to commit to a long term savings plan like 20 to 25 years but want the savings payout to continue for a lifetime. As we tend to live longer than our ancestors due to superb medical facilities in Singapore and good nutrition, having a passive income for life is a great idea!!!

What’s more, there’s a bonus maturity payout at Age 100. Celebrate your centennial status with a big red packet!!! Why not?

If you are keen to find out, why don’t you call me at 90011082 today? Cheers to your good and long life!

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