Medishield Life – A life Saver?

insuranceOur nationwide Medishield Life insurance will be launching on 1 November 2015 and I am sure you would have received the Medishield Life information package.

But did you read it carefully?

Like most Singaporeans, myself included, if I have no interest in a subject I will not bother to read it carefully. If you are already insured with a Private Insurance company that has upgraded your basic Medishield, you would have received a letter saying that your premiums have been adjusted and the amount you have to pay is now separated into two components Medishield Life and the private insurance portion.

You would have noticed ( I assume you have )… the CPF Medisave amount that you can use to pay has changed. You may now see that you have to pay in cash a different amount from the previous years.

If you are confused and you do not have anyone to help you explain it to you in layman language, please contact your independent financial adviser or call me at 90011082 for a meet up next week. I will be more than happy to help you.

I am sure you are confused with the new changes and it makes sense for you to clarify this premium payment now.


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