Colorectal Cancer – Chinese Men Beware!

colonColorectal or Colon Cancer is the most common cancer found in Singapore! Number 1 for men and Number 2 for women. Chinese men are most vulnerable, Malay second and Indians third. Genetics, lack of exercise and our high protein/fat diet with deep frying and BBQ meat plays a part too. There goes my “bak kwa” (bbq sweet pork/chicken sliced)… haha….

This is the information I gathered from a talk given by Dr Ooi, a Consultant Surgeon from Mount Elizabeth Hospital at an insurance company’s training seminar this week.

So… Chinese men aged 40 and above… beware… recommended to screen your colon regularly… Prevention is better than going for surgery. It is less painful and cheaper!

There are many articles in the internet about colorectal cancer just by Googling it so I will not elaborate too much here. But here is a very good article by Mayo Clinic.

The question to ponder here is, are you able to pay for the surgery costs should the unfortunate happens? When you stop work due to this illness will you have enough savings to pay for all the family expenses? How long will it last? 3 months? 6 months or 6 years? Remember this, you have to continue paying the premiums for  your hospitalisation insurance policy even when you have been diagnosed with this illness. There is no waiver of premiums!

I suggest you take a good look at what you have with a qualified expert rather than ask your colleague or a close friend. Please don’t get them involved because if they say its okay but you end up in financial trouble, who are you going to blame? Yourself…

To review your insurance policies, please contact your trusted independent financial adviser representative or call me at 90011082 for a review now.

I will be able to meet you before Chinese New Year (CNY) so be quick to pick up your phone and call me. I still have a few slots available before CNY… Otherwise, wait till the CNY festive week is over. Cheers and stay healthy!

Have a good week ahead.


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