Comparison of Private Integrated Shield Plans


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Have you noticed that there is a new player in the Integrated Private Shield plan market recently? Here’s a comparison done by our Ministry of Health – Click HERE

Yes, it’s AXA Life Insurance. One of their¬†strong USP is that they have the longest post-hospitalisation treatment period of 365 days! This means that if you have to keep going back to the hospital or clinic for follow up treatments, you will be able to claim the fees within a year after leaving the hospital.

What this means is that you do not have to worry that you cannot claim for medical treatment after 90, 100 or 180 days which other companies are offering.

You may think it’s not important and believe that you should recover¬†within 3 to 6 months… That may be true in most cases but if you want to be more cautious, this may be a deciding factor.

I am not saying that you must buy from AXA Life Insurance just because of this single benefit. You should look at other benefits too as well as the cost versus benefits…

Talk to your trusted independent financial adviser representative (FAR) today before taking up any health insurance. Look at your overall insurance portfolio together with the FAR to avoid any duplication.

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