Why Work With An Independent Financial Adviser Representative?

See The DifferenceI believe many Singaporeans still buy their life insurance policies from their friends who work in the Insurance companies because of friendship and the trust built up over the years. I agree that we do business with people we know and trust. We will buy the plans from our friends just because they say it’s the best plan for us.

But is it really true? Have you compared the proposed insurance plans before you agree to sign on the dotted line committing yourself to 10, 15, 20 or 25 years of premium payments?

Look no further than going to this website called Compare First .

You will be able to compare the premiums payable for the insurance that you are looking for across all the insurance companies. Isn’t that cool? This is the transparency that we have always wanted.

Do not take your friend’s word for it. Try out this website and give yourself true peace of mind. Yes, I’m sure your friend is of good character and he/she will never play you out but if he/she only represents a single insurance company, what do you expect him/her to say? He/she will never say that others are better or cheaper right?

So, having a third party opinion is great isn’t it? The next question is to ask your self: Is that the correct insurance policy to buy? How much should you buy? How long should you be covered? Why are you buying this insurance policy?

Many questions to ask but no answers right?

Fret no more, I am here to help you make an informed, unbiased and valuable decision to all these questions in your head now. Just pick up the phone and text me at 90011082 for a non-obligatory discussion. Use my services only if you think I can do the job. I don’t charge a fee for this discussion.

Meet me at my office so that you can see that we are running a professional advisory business, committing to the long term relationship with our clients.

See you soon.

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