Life Insurance Claim

Many people have asked me upon a death claim due to Cancer, for example, can their next of kin claim from all their insurance policies.

My answer to them –

YES, they can, provided the insurance policies are life insurance policies.

NO, if their policies are accident insurance policies and hospitalisation insurance policies.

If you have 10 Life insurance polices ( example – Term Insurance Policies, Whole Life Policies, Endowment Policies, Investment Linked Policies, Single Premium Investment Policies ), your next of kin can claim from ALL of them.

If you have 10 Accident Insurance Policies, you cannot claim a single cent because the death was not due to an accident. It must be due to external causes of injuries.

If you have an Annuty Plan that has been paying you a monthly income, the monthly payment will stop and any balance amount in your annuity account will be paid to your next of kin.

One point that most people overlook is that when you buy 10 Life Insurance policies, it is better to buy from different insurance companies instead of buying from just one company.


I will tell you on my next blog.

You can also contact me at 9001-1082 for the answer if you can’t wait!

God bless you with peace and happiness in your life.

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