Medishield Life – A life Saver?

insuranceOur nationwide Medishield Life insurance will be launching on 1 November 2015 and I am sure you would have received the Medishield Life information package.

But did you read it carefully?

Like most Singaporeans, myself included, if I have no interest in a subject I will not bother to read it carefully. If you are already insured with a Private Insurance company that has upgraded your basic Medishield, you would have received a letter saying that your premiums have been adjusted and the amount you have to pay is now separated into two components Medishield Life and the private insurance portion.

You would have noticed ( I assume you have )… the CPF Medisave amount that you can use to pay has changed. You may now see that you have to pay in cash a different amount from the previous years.

If you are confused and you do not have anyone to help you explain it to you in layman language, please contact your independent financial adviser or call me at 90011082 for a meet up next week. I will be more than happy to help you.

I am sure you are confused with the new changes and it makes sense for you to clarify this premium payment now.


Down Syndrome People Can Be Insured

Many Singaporeans thought and believe that anyone with Down Syndrome cannot buy medical insurance with covers hospitalisation expenses. Even insurance agents are also unaware that it is possible  to insure them.

Below is a testimony from one of my clients who has a child with DS and has successfully claimed the medical expenses incurred at KK Hospital including the Pre and Post hospital bills.


Here is their testimony:

After our daughter was born, we wanted to provide the best for her. Knowing her condition, we were prepared that she will easily fall sick.

Back then, based on our findings from roadshows to many calls to insurance companies and our search through online, there was no medical coverage for our daughter. Until we stumble upon Kairos Advisor and got to know Stephen.

We were quite skeptical when he said that there was coverage for my daughter who had Down Syndrome. We met and spoke and our questions were answered.

Our first encounter was when our daughter was down with severe dehydration due to diarrhoea. She was admitted for 3 days in the Hospital. With the coverage we had for our daughter, we did not need to put any deposit for the admission. It was all covered for under the plan we took up for her.

We are truly grateful with Stephen’s resoursefulness and competency towards medical insurance. We are indeed lucky to find a advisor who truly emphatise with our situation.

Nur Aizah & Zulkifli and
our daughter Nur Alisha

CPF MediShield Life – Exclusions

Autistic boyMany people are unaware or did not even look at the exclusions of MediShield Life.

Just to name a few items:

Please note that if you attempted suicide, you will not be able to claim

  • Treatment of self-inflicted injuries or injuries resulting from attempted suicide
  • Ambulance fees
  • Overseas medical treatment


The following treatment items, procedures, conditions, activities and their related complications are not covered by MediShield Life:

  • Ambulance fees
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Maternity charges (including Caesarean operations) or abortions
  • Dental work (except due to accidental injuries)
  • Infertility, sub-fertility, assisted conception or any contraceptive operation
  • Sex change operations
  • Optional items which are outside the scope of treatment
  • Overseas medical treatment
  • Private nursing charges
  • Purchase of kidney dialysis machines, iron-lung and other special appliances
  • Treatment which has received full reimbursement from Workmen’s Compensation and other forms of insurance coverage
  • Treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism
  • Treatment of injuries arising directly or indirectly from nuclear fallout, war and related risk
  • Treatment of injuries arising from direct participation in civil commotion, riot or strike
  • Treatment of self-inflicted injuries or injuries resulting from attempted suicide
  • Vaccination
  • Surgical interventions for the following rare congenital conditions which are severe and fatal by nature: Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18, Bilateral Renal Agenesis, Bart’s Hydrops, Alobar Holoprosencephaly, Anecephaly.

CPF MediShield Life – 3 Reasons To Upgrade It

red cross boxMany people are not exactly sure whether CPF MediShield Life is enough for their medical expenses incurred in a Singapore Restructured Hospital even though there has been so much media publicity. I will try my best to answer some of the questions that was posed to me recently.

Before I start, here are some facts to note:

MediShield Life will replace MediShield on 1 November 2015. Coverage for all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are covered automatically, including those of us who already has private health insurance plans from AIA, AVIVA, GE, NTUC and Prudential. All admissions on or after 1 November 2015 will be eligible for claims under MediShield Life. At this moment, MediShield is still active. Both MediShield plans are meant for patients who are admitted to B2 or C Wards in a Singapore Restructured Hospital like SGH, TTSH, CGH, AH and KTPH. Please note the sub limits imposed in the benefits below.

MS Life Benefits









1) I already have a private insurance “Shield” plan now, should I terminate it and just keep the MediShield Life since it is “so good”?

If your budget permits and you prefer to stay in a private hospital or in the Class A or B1 Wards of a restructured hospital, then you should not terminate your existing private insurance plans. The MediShield Life plan will not be enough to reimburse the expenses incurred in these Wards. Do note that the annual premiums for private insurance plans will go into the thousands when you are in your late 60s onwards… Do set aside a budget for the premiums in your golden years.

2) Is my private insurance “Shield” plan duplicating MediShield Life? 

No, your private insurance plan is an add-on to your basic MediShield Life so it is not duplicating but rather enhancing it to cover private hospital expenses as well as other benefits like organ donation expenses, pre and post hospitalisation expenses, extra cash payouts for each day of stay to help you financially, ambulance charges, home nursing charges etc…. please talk to your independent financial adviser representative (FAR) for a detailed breakdown of your plan. A separate colonoscopy or an MRI scan will cost a lot so you may want to ensure that pre-hospitalisation expenses are covered. This may happen a few weeks before you are actually hospitalised so it can’t be lumped into the hospital bill.

3)I thought the Annual Deductible from $1500 to $3000 and 10% Co-Insurance are covered by MediShield Life?

No, unfortunately you need to buy a private insurance “Shield” plan with a Rider before the annual deductible and co-insurance can be paid by the insurance company. There is no provision to add a Rider to the MediShield Life plan. The Rider can only be paid by cash. Speak to your Independent FAR on how to cover these expenses. 10% co-insurance incurred in a B2 or C Ward may not be much and can be paid using your CPF Medisave. But if you are hospitalised in the Class A1 or B1 ward, it may be quite a hefty sum to bear. An example would be an elderly patient who has severe skin rashes will need to stay in a cool air-conditioned ward in B1 Ward…

If you have any more questions or doubt, speak to your own Independent FAR or you may email me at or call me at 90011082. I will be happy to help you understand and make a wise decision to upgrade your MediShield Life plan or not.

To end, I thank God that our government has implemented this new insurance plan for everyone including those with existing chronic illnesses and those who were unable to be insured due to their health problems and financially unable to buy any health insurance plan. With so much financial subsidies and support, I am sure no one will be left untreated medically. Thus our mortality will be increased and we will see the greater impact of an aging population in Singapore in 15 to 30 years time.

Take care and see you soon, one day. Cheers!

A New Savings Plan That Pays YOU For Life!

singapore-flagAn insurance company in Singapore has launched a very unique savings plan that pays you a LIFETIME of Yearly Cash Payout starting from the end of Year 5 onwards.

The earlier you start this plan, the longer you can receive this annual cash payout. Isn’t this great?

What’s your commitment?

Only 10 years of savings! Wow… I believe this plan sits well with people who doesn’t want to commit to a long term savings plan like 20 to 25 years but want the savings payout to continue for a lifetime. As we tend to live longer than our ancestors due to superb medical facilities in Singapore and good nutrition, having a passive income for life is a great idea!!!

What’s more, there’s a bonus maturity payout at Age 100. Celebrate your centennial status with a big red packet!!! Why not?

If you are keen to find out, why don’t you call me at 90011082 today? Cheers to your good and long life!

Holiday Savings Plan

Boeing 747 Aircraft Taking OffMany people wish for things to happen including you and me. A very common wish for many Singaporeans is to be able to travel overseas at least once a year. Some people travel 4 times a year for holidays to destress! Do you wish you could travel overseas 4 times a year?

Instead of just wishing for it to happen, why not make it happen? Yes, why not? If you planned for it to happen, it will. But…what about the cost of the trips?

Yes, we can make it happen because now we have insurance savings plan that has annual returns of at least 3% p.a. and it starts paying you an annual sum of money every year from the end of the second year onwards for as long as you plan.  10, 15, 20 or 25 years you decide how long you want to keep travelling. Is it possible? Yes, of course! Once you decide to save $10,000 per year for your annual overseas trips for example, you will have to set aside a month;y savings plan to make that happen.

3% p.a. may be too low for you, so how about 6% or 9% p.a., yes there is another alternative. That’s the dividend paying Unit Trust funds that pays you regularly on a monthly basis. There’s more risk but definitely there’s more to gain than just your bank savings account. No risk, no higher returns.

Make your dream holidays happen. Start a savings plan that pays you almost immediately. You will be amazed how good life can be when you start saving money for a good purpose.

Call me at 9001-1082 or email me at to start your savings plan now.

Accidents Do Happen

legMany accidents happen daily in Singapore but we are not aware. Personally I know of someone who was disabled after slamimg her bicycle into a stationary lorry at 30 km/h….  Another broke his collar bone after crashing into the bicycle in front of him which had fallen earlier… accidents do happen even at home like being burned by a hot stove or getting scalded by hot water or falling from a ladder while fixing a burnt light bulb… the list goes on.

When faced with such a dilemma, I’m sure you will rush to the hospital immediately. But the question is… which one? The nearest hospital from where you are or to the best surgeon that you know who can treat you effectively and efficiently. Many times, I hear Singaporeans complained about the long 2 to 4 hours wait at the Accident and Emergency departments of public hospitals due to the high human traffic situation there. Are you able to bear the pain and agony of waiting for your turn to be treated and warded?

If you have a comprehensive hospital and surgical insurance that pays for your stay at a Singapore private hospital, you should and will definitely rush to one nearest to you! I have been to one recently and the time to get into a ward was less than an hour! I got treated immediately upon arrival at the A&E area and the doctor on duty was decisive to admit me into a ward once he was sure of my symptoms.

Ladies and gentlemen, the CPF Medishield Life plan caters to most people who are contented to get warded into a Class B2 or C Ward in a Singapore Restructured Hospital but due to the demand at these hospitals, the wait tends to be very long. Yes, these wards are highly subsidised and you should also consider the highly subsidised outpatient fees after your discharge from the hospital. A good plan will cover the un-subsidised outpatient fees for up to 180 days ( 6 months ). Catastrophic medical treatments like chemotheraphy will be covered by such a comprehensive plan too.

Don’t rely on your company’s medical insurance and don’t assume that it will cover the full cost of inpatient fees and charges. I have come across medical plans in a Multi National company that covers only 30% of the surgery fees as the surgery was deemed as not serious.  The patient had to rely on her own personal H&S plan which was able to pay the difference not covered by her company, fortunately. Otherwise she will have to fork out more than $2000 from her pocket.

Don’t be complacent, talk to a independent financial adviser representative like myself so that you buy the plan that suits your needs exactly and avoid duplication of insurance. Also plan for out of hospital expenses after a serious illness as these expenses can be quite hefty and will sap away your hard earned savings in the bank.

I can be contacted at 9001-1082 or email me at In financial planning, I separate the best from the rest.


Free Children Hospital and Surgical Insurance in Singapore

family-picFree children comprehensive medical insurance in Singapore? Yes!!! Call me if you need one now!

Many people in Singapore are unaware that our children can have free hospitalisation insurance up to age 20.


The criteria for this is as follows:

  • Singaporeans and Singapore PRs
  • Both parents must buy either Plan 1 or Plan 2 of the medical insurance plan.
  • One parent can be in Plan 1 and the other parent can be in Plan 2
  • Child/children must be below age 20
  • Only the Rider that pays for the 10% co-insurance and its related benefits is free
  • Covers up to 4 children for free

This free hospitalisation plan will cover expenses incurred in a Singapore Restructured Hospital up to Class A Ward. A quick summary of the benefits:

  • $400,000 annual limit on claims
  • Unlimited Lifetime limit
  • “As Charged” hospital and related services
  • “As Charged” Outpatient Catastrophic treatments
  • Extra Inpatient coverage for major illnesses ( refer to their contract for full details)
  • Annual deductible applies for different ward stays.

If you know anyone who needs free hospitalisation and surgical insurance please contact me at 90011082 as soon as possible. I will make sure all the children are covered for free.


CPF Medishield LIFE

red cross boxMany of us would have been bombarded with newspaper ads, TV ads, Radio ads regarding the launch of CPF Medishield Life for Singapore Citizens and SPRs. This shows how important this new insurance is to the our Singapore society. It is compulsory for all of us to sign up.

This is really a “God Sent” insurance scheme for those of us with existing illnesses but do not have any medical insurance. This is a life saver! Go for it.

Paying for it is not an issue because of the huge subsidies given by the Government.

The Government will also provide significant support to keep premiums affordable:

  • Premium Subsidies for the lower- to middle-income;
  • Pioneer Generation Subsidies for Pioneers;
  • Transitional Subsidies to ease the shift to MediShield Life for Singapore Citizens; and
  • Additional Premium Support for those who are unable to afford their premiums even after premium subsidies.

More details here .

Please take note that this medical insurance pays for expenses incurred in a B2/C Ward of a Singapore Restructured Hospital with deductibles and co-insurance.

If you want to stay in higher wards or stay in a Private Hospital, CPF Medishield Life is not enough! You need to upgrade to a private insurance integrated Shield plan. A comparison can be viewed here.

If you are still confused, let me help you to clarify and buy the right plan for you!

I wish you good health and wisdom to make the right choices in life. Cheers!

Making Wise Financial Decisions for 2015

newyearAs an independent financial adviser helping people make wise financial decisions everyday, I got to know the real situations and struggles of many families in Singapore, many trying to make ends meet on a daily basis. I am not surprised at all if I meet a person living in Singapore who is not financially prepared for the future.

So what do I mean when I say “Making Wise Financial Decisions”? What are the factors that will help us make wise financial decisions? Why even bother to make any wise financial decisions at all?The reason is very simple, it is not how you start that is important, it is how you end that is equally important, if not more important. Why? It is very easy for anyone in Singapore to earn a decent four figure monthly income at the beginning of our working career but are you able to live on a decent four figure monthly income after you retire at age 65?

As we live longer and longer, our retirement will stretch to more than 20 years! Simple Mathematics will tell you that you will need at least S1,000,000 of retirement nest egg if you are going to have a $50,000 a year lifestyle. That’s $4167 a month. Can you and your spouse live the same lifestyle that you are currently enjoying based on $4167 a month? Think of inflation, 30 years down the road, what will $4167 a month lifestyle will you get?

Then it is wise that you start to create a financial road map to bring you to the destination that you want. I am sure you have planned many overseas holidays and you are no stranger to planning… Start Googling and do your research. Find the best independent financial planner to help you realize your financial dreams, That’s Step 1.

Create a plan that suits you, not one that someone tells you because it is more likely that you will stick to the plan much longer if you really own it. Just like the dream holiday that you have always been looking forward to. That’s Step 2.

What are the ways that will lead you to your destination? I am sure there are many ways to reach Rome. Which way is the most economical and which way is the most scenic and memorable? Start finding out what is available out in the financial markets that will lead you to your financial success. Talk to reliable people who had been there and succeeded. Find the way that you are comfortable with and fully understand what you are getting into. Sometimes, it may be uncomfortable at first because it is alien to you but you will get used to it as you read up and talk to more people who are experts in that particular financial product. That’s Step 3 for you!

Congratulations! You are on your way to making great and wise financial decisions, but wait a minute, you may be lost and could be heading a wrong direction, missed a turn when you were distracted with the beautiful scenery in front of you. Check where you are and consult your financial adviser regularly, orientate your compass and redirect your resources when you have a good bonus payout, don’t splurge on a new 60″ LED Curve Screen Smart TV! Yes, consult and redirect if necessary. That’s Step 4.

Finally, don’t forget to smell the roses and greet the people along the way or else you may be very lonely when you reach your final destination. That’s worse than being bankrupt… Building a great character and making great friendships along the way is definitely a great way to travel… I wish you success in making wise financial decisions that will bring you the desired lifestyle that you have always wanted but remember, it is a journey not a destination.

Enjoy the journey as you plan your way to financial success that you will share with your family and friends, yes even people that you don’t know, bless them and God will bless you too. Merry Christmas my friend. God bless you!