Testimonies of happy clients

After our daughter was born, we wanted to provide the best for her. Knowing her condition, we are prepared that she will easily fall sick.

Back then, base on our findings from roadshows to many calls to insurance companies and our search through online, there was no medical coverage for our daughter. Until we tumble upon Kairos Advisor and got to know Stephen.

We were quite skeptical when he said that there was coverage for my daughter who had Down Syndrome. We met and spoke and our questions were answered.

Our first encounter was when our daughter was down with severe dehydration due to diarrhoea. She was admitted for 3 days in the Hospital. With the coverage we had for our daughter, we did not need to put any deposit for the admission. It was all covered for under the plan we took up for her.

We are truly grateful with Stephan’s resoursefulness and competency towards medical insurance. We are indeed lucky to find a advisor who truly emphatise with our situation.

Nur Aizah & Zulkifli and
our daughter Nur Alisha


I have known Stephen for more than ten years during the time he started his career in the real estate industry. Since then, he has been my Financial Consultant.

Over the years, we have become good friends and a person who I can rely on financial and insurance advice. In my opinion, he is highly competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy and is always thorough and meticulous. His committed approach make one feel very comfortable and possesses an outgoing personality.

In view of his dedication and ability, I would recommend him highly and without hesitation.

Jimmy Chua


Stephen is a little alien to me because I am so used to calling him Mok, he is someone that is truthful, sincere and very helpful. I have not bought any insurance from him except just a travel insurance recently because I have already bought quite a few before Mok became an agent. Mok will always be available to give advice without obligation.

I remembered he did a summary on my portfolio maybe 10 years ago and he told me that I am pretty well covered but if I need any advice, feel free to call him. No hustling or pestering from him to buy any products after that. Over the years, he sent us mails once a while on selected new policy or investment opportunities which he believed was beneficial to us.

For my next insurance or investment plan, Mok will be the one that I will be calling. I will also recommend him to any of my friends who may need insurance or investment advice.

Last of all, just want to say that it has been my pleasure to have Mok as a friend for the last 30 years and hope to have another 30 good years to go…at least.. Thanks, Mok.

Chia Yew Kwong


I have known Mok since our days at Singapore Polytechnic and even during those early days, Mok has demonstrated his enthusiasm towards people through the many gatherings and barbecues he would organize for our group of friends. I am sincerely grateful to say that after almost 30 years, this enthusiasm of his has still not waned.

On the professional front, I am always comfortable to approach him for advice on any financial issues I have. There is simply no pressure that I would need to purchase a plan or policy from him at all. Our long acquaintance has reinforced the trustworthiness Mok possess. I am truly appreciative to have him as both a friend and a professional in his field.

Heng Yew Jing


When Stephen asks me for feedback on areas he could improve on as a financial advisor, I find it difficult to think of anything that he really falls short. From the years of knowing Stephen, I would consider it a privilege to have known him as a friend. As a person, he is matured, easy-going and confident with a poised demeanour. As a friend, he is warm, sincere, understanding and caring.

As a professional, he is knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy.  In short, Stephen is someone whom you can trust both as a friend as well as your financial advisor.

Cheng Kim Poh


I have known Stephen for more than 30 years. My impression of him has never changed since our younger days. Being one of the tallest and biggest of my friends during those teenage years, he was viewed as someone I could fall-back on should I run into trouble or need help.

He was always ready to lend his helping hands without hesitating or expecting something in return. It was the admiration of such strong trait in him that when I realized, many years later, that he had embarked on a Financial Advisory career that I decided to approach him to be my Financial Consultant without him doing any sales pitch to me.

That was when I started to switch from my other regular Financial Consultants (Manulife, AIA, etc) to purchase Insurance policies for my 3 month old son from Stephen who was with Prudential then. Since then, I had continued to place trust in Stephen in providing sound financial advice to me and my family.

Believe me, you can count on Stephen to lend you his helping hands without hesitating or expecting something in return (i.e. just like how I viewed him >30 years ago).

Cheers!   Marn Yaw


Stephen- thanks for being a long-time friend, who actually shared so many great financial advices & plans which  benefitted me plentiful. Thank u. – been troubling him with all sorts, bits & pieces of financial matters and he was always very helpful & attentive no matter what. Stephen is very humble (doesn’t show-off by telling you he knows all!)  – a great listener, not pushy, act as he sees fit. – good to have him as a financial advisor whom I trust.

Thank u.

Cheers, Annie.


Stephen had been a patient guy and full of energy when it came to his line of work. He is very dedicated to his work and the passion he show towards it. I have met him a few times to discuss about my policy with him even I have not sign up any as yet, he have show me the keen interest in helping me and advise me on the areas of my life and financial well being.

As a person he has the vigour as a Financial Consultant, you know he will work well as he says:”In Financial Planning, I separate the BEST from the rest!” A well deserve quote and I believe he will be a very successful planner going ahead.

Regards, Erik Ng


You are sincere and committed. You put my financial needs above all. You give valuable advice to my financial planning and you show great professionalism in your work. You can be trusted and dependable. You are a truthful friend.All above make you an outstanding financial advisor and a wonderful person to work with.

You have been my financial advisor for the past many years and will always be the one whom I will go to for financial planning needs. Thank you very much.

With best regards, Gregory Ho, Vice General Manager,  Veyance Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd


We are glad to have met a friend like you in our lives more than as a financial advisor. You have been sincere, helpful, kind and understanding to our needs and we are glad to have been with you the past couple of years.

I still remember the time when I had my policies and could not make real sense out of them. I was also worried if my family and I were adequately covered, esp with the arrival of my 1st Kid; until I met you. Not only did you clear my doubts, you have put my worries to rest.

You are able to connect well with everyone, not only my family but also both my parents and in-laws have benefited from your advice as well. We appreciate the tireless effort and patience you have in explaining the policies as well as solving issues when they arise.

You have been a true professional and a man of integrity and I am more than willing to recommend you to anyone who needs advice with their finances. Thank you.

Cheers! Kalai, Annabelle & Jayden.


Your success today in the financial industry is mainly due to your effort and consistent passion of helping others in improving their lives to prepare them for unforeseen circumstances. Keep up the good work!

Best regards, Joanne and Roland

======================================================== I have known Stephen for many years now, as a church friend. He works as a Financial Consultant, understands the business and works hard to offer the insurance products and supports to meet his clients’ needs.

He has been my only professional car and travel insurance provider for the past six years. He is my trusted advisor and responds quickly and well to questions associated with insurance premiums and claims. Little did I know about insurance policies but much had I learned from him as my advisor and educator.

Today he is more than my trusted financial consultant, he is my friend, sharing in good times and supportive in tough times, and singular in his commitment to improving his service. I know Stephen makes it clear that I am not just another insured; but I am important to him as he is to me.

I take great pleasure and delight to work with Stephen as my valued financial advisor and would not hesitate to recommendany businesses to him.

Cheers! God Bless!
Bernard Tan General Manager/Technical Director, Labtechnic Testing Services Pte Ltd

======================================================== Stephen Mok shows professionalism in a industry that value such quality. He is extremely patient in understanding customers’ needs and able to package financial products that suit each individual requirement. Unlike others that push product that customer does not need. Surely, I put my trust in Stephen. On the personal side, he is friendly and caring. He can be kopi buddy as and when he is free. Stephen has a lot of life experiences to share – experiences for us to learn and be a better person.

Desmond Ho, Shanghai

============================================================= “Stephen is a capable financial advisor. He has given me invaluable inputs on how I can provide for my future financially. He is patient, meticulous and honest, important traits when leaving someone to handle your finances.”

Regards, Marcus Mok, Photographer


My opinion of Stephen Mok as a professional insurance advisor is always in the positive – Stephen is objective, conscientious, impartial and trustworthy.

As an independent financial adviser, Stephen always have my interests and that of my family members given that he is not obliged to advance the corporate interests of a particular insurance company. In this manner, I can be assured that the insurance proposals presented by Stephen are the best in terms of features, coverage and possible returns as comparisons had already been made by him across comparable insurance products available in the market.

My confidence in Stephen’s calibre and expertise is evidenced by my repeated transactions of insurance coverage through him over the years – both for myself and my wife. I have also recommended others to him whenever an opportunity arises amongst my siblings, relatives and friends. Every one of these referrals found Stephen most deserving to be their personal financial adviser.

If you want a hassle-free (Stephen is gentlemanly and non pushy) professional handling of your insurance assets, Stephen Mok is certainly the right guy!

Peter Lim, Kentish Court, Oxford Road


“Stephen has been taking care of all my family travel and hospitalization insurances. He was very professional. He was also objective and helpful in recommending the type of plans to suit our needs. Three months after buying the plan, my husband was hospitalized for heart issues. Stephen proceeded promptly with our claims and we received the payout shortly after my husband was discharged and we were reimbursed with the full amount. If not for him, we would have been straddled with a large financial debt. I definitely highly recommend Stephen if you are looking for someone who is honest, trustworthy and efficient as a financial advisor.

Joyce T Managing Director, Just Employment Agency Pte Ltd.


I would like to take this time to thank you for being my trustworthy insurance planner. As one of your customers, I am rest assured that my needs for different types of insurance are properly and well managed. You are so approachable and attentive, I will feel free to seek your expertise advice to plan for the future and grow my savings.

Besides, most importantly is that you are a reliable and responsible Financial Consultant, who have the client’s interests in your mind. You take good care of our benefits. I definitely can have a peace of mind by having you as my Financial Consultant.

I wish you keep up the good work and to perform to the best of your ability so as to be a successful Financial Consultant.

Thank you,  With warmest regards, Lin Yiping.


I have known you for almost 10 years, till to this date I haven’t found anyone like you, you are outstanding, you stand out and separate the best from the rest. You are a man of honour, integrity, an unfailing character, and when it comes to helping others you always put people first, for example, even the Insurance coverage is not specifically stated, but it is implied. He takes the trouble to fight and make it claimable for you.  If your Insurance is bought from Stephen, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Best regards, Richard Kwok


Michael Koh (client) Michael hired you as a Financial Advisor in 2011 and hired you more than once.Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity “Stephen is an independent Financial consultant and that is one thing I like about it as he give unbiased advise. Whoever needs a financial adviser, I will recommend Stephen Mok.” August 12, 2011


Stephen is a honest, sincere, friendly, helpful & hardworking person. He has demonstrated his competency and integrity in his work. Highly recommended if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy person to help you in insurance.

Teressa Tay, HSR Division Director


“Stephen showed me commitment to his work and especially to his clients. He is very motivated to give the best advice on the market situation to his customers and I was surprised that he was ready to give me a helping hand just out of pure generosity. Thank you Stephen.” September 22, 2010

Top qualities: Expert , On Time

ilona kasza
hired Stephen as a Financial Advisor in 2009

“Stephen really studies my portfolio, my family needs before recommending any insurance product to me. With him, I feel that I am seeking advice from an experienced financial advisor who looks after my interest.

He is personal, establishes good relationship with his client and is very detailed in his work.” September 22, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert

Chee Yong Lee
hired Stephen as a Insurance Agent in 2010

“I find Stephen to be a dependable and sincere friend and colleague in the same industry. He is generous in giving and helping, and is committed to his profession. We have been friends since 2002. I’d would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone who requires financial planning and advice.
Freddie Kang
Senior Financial Advisory Director
SingCapital Pte Ltd” September 22, 2010

Freddie S.F. Kang , Senior Branch Partner , IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
worked with Stephen

“Stephen is a kind, responsible and understanding person who is always there when you needed help. He conducts his business with great professionalism. He ensure that his client always get the best deal. He is definitely someone that you must talk to regarding your personal financial planning.” September 21, 2010

Jason Tan Boon Boo , Senior Financial Services Manager , IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
worked directly with Stephen

“Stephen has been my friend for several years now and he is the first person I go to for advice on my insurance needs. I have always known him to be focused, reliable and consistent in his work. He is a man of high integrity and I would recommend him to anyone who needs his services.” September 21, 2010

Top qualities: Personable , On Time

Alvin Wang
hired Stephen as a Financial Advisor in 2008

“Stephen has saved our family over $65,000 with his recommendations. He always tells us what we need, not just what we think we want. Because of his knowledge and integrity, we trusted him and so happy we did. In the dictionary under the term professional, they should put Stephen’s picture!” September 21, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert

‘Michael Podolinsky CSP’
hired Stephen as a Financial Advisor in 2005

“I know Stephen as a personal friend and a business partner. Stephen is professional in dealing with clients providing them with detailed financial planning review and recommendation.” June 7, 2010

David Kang , General Manager , Crescendas Logistics Solutions Pte Ltd
was with another company when working with Stephen

“Stephen is a kind hearted individual who means well for others and puts people first. Definitely a great person to work with!” October 12, 2008

Nicholas Pinto , Director , Eurotours & Travel
was with another company when working with Stephen

“Stephen is the one you can trust! He only recommend the best for you.
He separate the best from the REST!” October 12, 2008

Top qualities: Expert , On Time

Sheryl Sim
hired Stephen as a Financial Advisor in 2003

“I’ve known Stephen for easily 25 years since tertiary studies. In all this time, Stephen have continued to keep contact. Even whilst I live in Sydney for the last 7 years, he never stopped showing concern in my wealth being. I remembered asking him to follow up on travel insurance for my in-laws travelling to Sydney in the past couple of years. He did it professionally and made every effort to meet my queries. I do not have any hesitation in recommending Stephen for his personal touch, timeliness and integrity and expert knowledge. You can’t go wrong and would have peace of mind in letting him handle your financial affairs.” October 7, 2008

Top qualities: Expert , On Time

David Kang
hired Stephen as a Financial Advisor in 2005

“I know Stephen for over 3 years. I have heard nothing but good words about his character, his professionalism and his work from those who know him. I find him humble and cheerful. Someone whom I like to have as a good friend. I am confident to recommend his services; knowing that my action is supported by those who know him well, and by my personal positive feelings about his conduct and actions.” September 19, 2005

Yeo HQ
was with another company when working with Stephen

“Stephen is sincere in giving realistic and practical advice according to you needs. He is a responsible and helpful person, sometimes going the extra mile to provide assistance outside of his scope. I highly recommend Stephen as your Financial Planning Adviser.” August 9, 2005

Angela Kok
was Angela’s client

“In all my dealings with Stephen, he has demonstrated high levels of integrity and commitment. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants a Financial Advisor that puts their interest first.” August 9, 2005

Alvin Wang
worked directly with Stephen

“He is a sincere, helpful and gentle person, who is always thinking, supporting and pursuing the benefit of those of us who have the privilege to know him and to humbly be consider his friends and associates. I highly endorse him as an excelent business contact, a real and experienced networker, a fantastic Financial Planner and Advisor but above all, a true human being. Keep it up!” May 3, 2004

Carlos Rios
worked directly with Stephen

9 September 2010
Stephen helped review my family’s existing policies and I’m impressed with his professionalism!
He objectively advised me on whether my policies are adequate and suggested areas to improve.  He educated me on the various instruments and strategies available to build my retirement income.  His review gave me assurance and increased my confidence that we are on track with our financial planning.
Most importantly, he does not hard sell his products!
Thank you, Stephen!

Best Regards
Lai C S
Appxolute Pte Ltd
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